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High-Security Lock Change in Boca Raton FL

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High-Security Lock Change in Boca Raton FL

Almost every regular lock that is installed on your doors is extremely simple for burglars to bypass without any signs of forced entry. If you are concerned about the vulnerability of your locks, Oliver Locksmith Boca Raton provides high-security deadbolts and doorknobs. There are a lot of advantages of investing in high-security locks beyond adding an additional layer of security to your home, and our courteous and professional staff can provide recommendations and advice based on your individual needs. We provide a comprehensive array of high-quality products. Thus, your options are never limited.

Residential High-Security Locks

High-security locks are excellent to use in your house. For homeowners, security of your family and protecting valuable assets such as your expensive electronics and heirlooms is the main priority. Having a high-security lock will make it extremely hard for a criminal to break into your home without using very advanced tools. There is an excellent possibility that whenever a criminal see’s what type of lock you use, they will move on to a house that has not taken the same protections.

On the other hand, businesses typically have a lot of cash on hand as well as information-sensitive documents. Aside from helping deter burglars from breaking into the front of your store, using a high-security locking system on the manager’s office, cash safe and file cabinets can help get rid employee theft. Protect your business in Boca Raton with a high-security lock system installed by Oliver Locksmith Boca Raton.

Lockout Services

The only issue with installing a high-security key system is that it can be almost impossible to access your establishment without the help from a professional locksmith if you lose your key. Since they’re extremely well designed, a lot of traditional techniques of picking the lock are not going to work. Give us a call at Oliver Locksmith Boca Raton in Boca Raton, FL if you find yourself in a home, business or safe lockout. We are experienced in dealing with safe lockouts, home lockouts and commercial lockouts that have high-security key systems installed. We know how significant it can be to quickly get inside your property. That is why our team is committed to offering quick, quality service.

The Highest Standards

High-security locks are almost impossible to pick. They feature high-quality standards that produce a system within the lock that are incredibly hard to force with a lock-pick.

Furthermore, almost all locks use keys that can be easily copied. However, high-security lock systems use unique feature that can’t be replicated easily.

Generally, locks you buy at the hardware store have five straight pins that can be opened with a bump key and a hard bump to the door. On the other hand, high-security locks have unique pins that do not give in to bump keys. In addition, they feature drill-resistant housings that aren’t susceptible to drilling damage.

If you want to install high-security locks in your property, contact us today for a free estimate.

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